About - Trash Mouth Mercantile

Why we do what we do...  

               We believe that when you purchase something, you do it because you like it. We feel that when you make the decision to buy something you are not just making a purchase, you are forming a relationship with both the store you bought it from and the object itself. It becomes a symbol of who you are and where you've been. 
               We feel very strongly that everything you buy, borrow or steal defines you as a person. We feel that everything you choose to make a part of your life tells your story and becomes just as important as the story itself. This is why we do our damnedest to create products that will last and be with you for a lifetime.
               We aren't  looking for a one and done transaction. We are looking to become another paragraph in your story. To give you a laugh or to remind everyone who you are.  We hope that our pieces will follow you through your story and help you tell it so everyone can hear. 

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